Digital Marketing Road Map for Manufacturers and Industrial Companies – Recording and Slide Deck

I co-hosted a webinar with John Hayes of recently. The webinar was called Success with Digital Marketing – a Road Map for Manufacturers.

We covered a lot of ground on digital marketing as it relates to manufacturers and other industrial companies.

In case you are not familiar with John (@JackHayes), he is the CEO of and the author of Digital Marketing for Engineers. He and his team publish a lot of helpful content on their Digital Marketing for Engineers blog.

Our presentation included:

  • What is digital marketing and why is it right for an engineering and industrial audience
  • Defining the road map to digital marketing
  • Steps to create a road map and measuring ROI
  • Why marketing to engineers is a big challenge
  • How to make a business case for digital marketing with content
  • How to win the engineer’s mindshare and working with SMEs

You’ll walk away with key takeaways for creating your own digital marketing road map.

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